Anesthesia and Intensive care

Patient care doesn’t stop with surgical treatments and emergency care!

Our anesthesiologists are proficient in delivering compassionate medical and emotional care throughout their preoperative and postoperative periods. Our extremely skilled and expert anesthesiologists help you with pain management through their patient-focused medical techniques and treatments.  Based on the procedure of the surgery you need to undergo, our team works with you closely to administer a safe medical drug called anesthetics which will help you prevent or reduce the painful effects of the surgery.

Apart from pre-operative and post-operative care, the intensive care unit at KHM works more like the knight in shining armor than any other department. 

Our crew at the intensive care unit work round the clock to treat acutely ill patients and work on emergency admissions along with intensive care nurses who are adept at providing emergency and critical care for patients. 

The intensive care unit follows international protocols and monitors the patients 24*7 with the help of advanced monitoring systems, life support measures such as ventilators and oxygen delivery systems, etc. And since patients in the intensive care unit are highly vulnerable to infections, the intensive care environment, and the entire hospital environment is sanitized as per the national guidelines for clean hospital and sanitization services. 


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