Safe and effective care for neurological complications is within your reach of you since you have the guidance of KHM hospitals.

Our team of experienced neurologists is known for their excellence in treating patients with various conditions such as CNS infection, headache, neurological illness, movement disorders, etc. Gone are the days when neurological complications were thought impossible to cure. With our KHM team and their evaluation, and management techniques there’s no such neurological illness that can’t be cured.  

Our emergency care specialists and neurologists work hand in hand to stabilize neurological disorders and work together to provide you with suitable treatment that would enhance your recovery process. Although most neurological disorders and illnesses can’t be completely cured, we help you in improving your lifestyle and the quality of your life by identifying the root cause of the complications and lessening the severity of the condition. 

The neurology department also excels in treating patients with complex disorders such as Epilepsy, spinal cord disorders, cerebral palsy, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, etc. And thus it is no more a big task for you to find the best neurologist in town when you have KHM hospitals with their great crew of neurologists. 


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