Visiting a pediatrician is a great sign that we look for in a responsible parent!

As a parent, we know how hard it is to protect and promote the health, wellness, and safety of your toddler, or newborn. And to ensure your baby is safe and healthy, the first thing we’d urge you to do is to check a pediatrician.

Just like adults, babies need special care for their various needs which can be medical needs such as immunization, supplements, or even for their emotional needs. The pediatrics department at KHM hospital is the best buddy not just to new parents but to newborns as well. Right from wellness checkups to dealing with behavioral issues and immunization programs our clan of pediatricians is here to guide you and walk through the journey of parenting with ease.

Our child-friendly pediatric department works 24*7 and you don’t have to think twice about providing the best medical care for your child, and you don’t have to worry anymore if you are concerned about your baby’s growth, development, and health. Because the KHM team already has your back. 

We know you are all set to provide the best for your newborn and let this start from their medical care! Meet our expert pediatrician for counseling, consultations, and for other medical queries. 


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