Plastic surgery

Micro surgeries, cosmetic surgeries, deformity corrections, foot ulcers; you name it, our plastic surgeons excel in it!

Plastic surgery involves the correction of deformities that are either due to birth or due to accidents such as burns, infections, etc. The plastic surgeons at KHM who are experts in their reconstructive surgical skills work on reconstructing and repairing the body parts that are affected because of injuries, burns, or any other accidents. They also excel in treating foot ulcers which are often a result of diabetes in some people. 

The plastic surgery department at KHM is also known for successfully treating birth defects such as cleft lip, and cleft palate and the cosmetic surgeries that are being done to improve and enhance the overall appearance of an individual at KHM include hair transplants, liposuction, breast surgery. Be it plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, or microsurgery, KHM follows the treatment methods that are safe for our patients and that are patient-friendly by meeting the standards and guidelines. 

The microsurgery techniques and methods at KHM are focused on reconstructing and repairing damaged body parts such as blood vessels and it often includes reattaching body parts such as fingers, toes, etc. 


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