The department of pulmonology deals with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases related to the respiratory system. The pulmonologists at KHM are experts in treating various lung problems such as Asthma, Bronchitis, Pneumonia, respiratory problems post covid, etc. 

The pulmonology laboratory is equipped with the latest technologies and advanced treatment facilities. In order to provide effective care for our patients, our pulmonologists provide emergency care 24*7 for chest injuries, respiratory failures, etc. 

The procedures involved at KHM are lung transplant, oxygen therapy, biopsies, and removal of foreign bodies in the lungs. And the procedures are also followed by pulmonary rehabilitation that will help our patients to get back to their normal life with ease. Our pulmonology department is evolving every day by improving treatment procedures based on technological advancement, and by the usage of world-class equipment. The pulmonologists at KHM have expertise in treating both inpatients and outpatients through their effective evaluation and diagnosis techniques.

With the help of our dedicated pulmonologists, nutritionists, and other specialists required based on the health status of our patients, we provide uncompromising treatment facilities and care for our patients to recover as early as possible. 


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