Reproductive medicine

You can now pause your long trips to different hospitals!

Every member of the KHM team believes that every couple deserves a healthy, happy, and safe pregnancy. And our main goal is to save you from the traumatic pain you are dealing with and gift you with a healthy pregnancy that once you felt like a faraway land. 

Our reproductive medicine team is constantly upgrading and evolving every day with technologically advanced treatments and facilities that are focused on lowering the infertility rate. Though we can’t assure you that every procedure can be 100% successful, we can assure you that our KHM team excels in this field with years of experience and skills. 

So, you don’t have to worry anymore since KHM is here for the rescue. Right from dealing with fertility-related problems such as low sperm motility, and low sperm count to infertility counseling, sperm and embryo freezing; you name it! We have it for you. 

We are dedicated and committed to lowering infertility rates and bringing alive the dream of every couple to have their own child by working on their root cause of infertility and providing them with world-class treatments that fit their pocket. 

And yes! Our treatments are based on international guidelines and meet ethical standards.


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