Neurosurgery deals with the surgery of the nervous system which can be due to birth defects or due to any illness or disorders or injuries. 

The neurosurgery department at KHM hospital offers both inpatient and outpatient services with experienced and skilled neurosurgeons and neurologists.  KHM hospital are one of the best hospital for neurosurgery treatment in Chennai that covers a huge range of treating neurological disorders such as peripheral nerve surgery, spine surgery, brain tumor surgery, neurovascular surgery, etc. 

The main mission of our neurosurgery department is to provide the patient with the best treatment with the most possible positive outcome that fits their pocket. 

People who show the signs and symptoms of neurological disorders are diagnosed through Imaging, Electroencephalogram (ECG), Nerve/ Muscle biopsy, MRI scan, Ultrasonography, etc. 

Our KHM team is well experienced in treating patients with tumor surgeries, Alzheimer’s diseases, epilepsy, encephalopathy, and spine surgeries. With the best clinical team comprising highly skilled and experienced neurosurgeons, there is no space for you to overthink and worry about your surgery and the procedures involved. And in order to make the recovery process smooth, we also provide our patients with speech therapy, occupational therapy, and other related therapies that will help them jump back into normalcy 10x stronger! 


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