The oncology department with organ-specific specialists and surgeons works on treating and managing cancer in almost every part of the body. With our dedicated oncologist team at KHM, we treat our patients with services such as Biological therapy, Immunotherapy, etc. And our medical oncology team also comprises skilled physiotherapists, nutritionists, and radiologists in order to provide the best care for our patients. 

According to Cancer Prevention and Control, there are around 800,000 new cancer cases every year. And KHM hospital along with the help of the oncology team works solely to lower the mortality rate due to cancer and we also work on providing awareness on cancer prevention and control. Our oncology treatment so far has helped more than 100 families beat cancer and lead healthy life. 

Along with medical oncology, the KHM hospital also provide services such as surgical oncology and radiational oncology that function under the guidance of experienced specialists. We offer cancer screening, regular physiotherapy sessions, and nutrition counseling for our patients to provide the right kind of treatment and support on time and to fasten their journey on the road to their recovery. 

Care and compassion towards our patients top our priority list, and hence we are so keen on delivering world-class treatment facilities at an affordable cost for our patients.


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